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  1. hi, So i setup a folder MyFolder on my PC, and then shared READ+WRITE access code to resilio mobile app (twas easier that way since i can just QR scan the code on the PC) NEW FILES on mobile phone side gets sent to PC , but: 1. New Files on PC side not sent to Mobile Phone! 2. Deleted Files on PC side (of files that came from Mobile phone) is not deleted on Mobile Phone! I need 2 way sync, mirroring, type of deal.
  2. Hi guys So I had my Android phone all setup to backup to my PC the important folders, including the DCIM camera folders. The way I set it up was, my PC had a folder dedicated to each folder in my android device that i wanted to backup, and I shared each folder from Android using Sync app and entered the KEY on the PC side. All worked well. But recently got a new Android phone, and I wanted to simply re-establish this Android to PC relationship. Since I already have my PC folders setup, I wanted to simply link them with the new Android Device's folders. Then that's where
  3. doesn't need to be installed as fact it's not service on all my machines, including master.
  4. hi Guys Why is it that on some of my computers i am able to use Resilio's windows native GUI and on some computers when i launch Reslio it forces use of browser GUI by popping up browser window which is quite annoying. How do I stop it from forcing me to use browser instead of the navive UI?
  5. I have turned off all firewalls on desktop, so ports are not blocked for sure issue 1: I can't find the on app. so can't do much on that end I did try to add predefined host entry on desktop, and that worked. my phone and app now syncing. Issue 2; my phone is on dynamic IP DHCP from my wifi router, and this is not a solution. Isn't sync supposed to find each other on local network? i have my uPnP enabled, all firewalls off on desktop .
  6. ok i will but can you please save me effort to verify first 1) does both device have to be set to relay and tracker off for this to work? or is it ok that one device is set to purely local (my mobile) while my other device, the desktop, still has tracker and relay server on?
  7. ok so i truned of relay and tracker, now desktop sync doesn't sync .. checked and zero peers detected. can't connect. .. turned off desktop firewall to be sure.. still no go. any ideas?
  8. helen, this one was correct "open Sync Settings -> advanced -> power user settings and you'll find relay and tracker settings there as well....... " thankyou!
  9. I created Picture Backup on my Mobile phone and entered the share key onto my desktop... it started syncing automatically! isnt't here supposed to be a confirmation on the phone side? to accept the new peer?! This is so insecure...
  10. hi gane, i was asking about how to do this with mobile device. the app doesn't seem to have the tracker and relay settings.
  11. Hi guys, i'm in an environment where there is no internet connection. Only wifi for internal network. How can i make my android device backup to my desktop computer using resilio sync, WITHOUT needing internet connection?