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  1. On two Windows PCs I have an EFS-encrypted folder that I sync between those PCs.

    It seems that when I am not logged in at the remote machine then Resilio sync does sync the files but creates an unreadable file ("Access denied") on the remote machine.

    Upon further inspection the file in the remote EFS-encrypted folder is being encrypted with a new EFS certificate that does not allow me to open it.

    As soon as I log in on the remote machine, sync'ed files get EFS encrypted with my normal EFS certificate.

  2. On 8/24/2018 at 9:48 PM, jdrch said:

    From my experience, 2 mistakes here:

    1. If you disconnect a folder, be sure to delete everything from it before reconnecting. Reconnect and have Sync fill the folder from the other peers. Technically Sync should recognize pre-existing Sync folders, but I've noticed it doesn't reliably do so.

    This is true. However, it's one thing to mess up some syncing but another thing to overwrite younger files with older files, which should never ever happen.

  3. I have two PCs (Windows 7, clock up to date, NTFS, same folder structure).

    Today I turned on PC#2 (after months) and removed a synced folder (right-click remove, key started with A...) and readded it (key starts now with D...).

    The same folder on PC#1 was already a folder with key D..., running v2.6.0 (1312), PC#2 (the PC which was off for months) had still v2.5.12 (1191).

    Resilio sync copied all older files (months apart) and overwrote the newer files.

    The sync.log file (of the PC with the wrongly overwritten files) is full of wrong statements:

    [2018-08-18 23:54:23.189] MC[290F] [FF25]: Local file aaa.txt is older than remote t:1534293927/1534625685 ot:1477197/101990 o:10A25E3D0A21D5655EC98C95FCB0F531F7876C32/103DAB3C217A3F67755C205E3C5E65E09F8BFF25



  4. I have a standard folder (key starts with D...) and I have added on another computer an encrypted folder (key starts with F...).

    The encrypted folder has been stuck at 0% Remaining: A few seconds for hours now, but the /.sync/ folder is being filled with many .!sync files.

    Is that normal?

    Usually I have in my /.sync/ folder the following items:


    but not files /.sync/*.!sync files. It's also unusual that Resilio Sync is stuck like that. It doesn't download or upload anything.


    On 7/25/2018 at 5:31 PM, Gane O'dwyer said:

    Do you have files with long names? 

    Yes, long file names and long folder names. I have 199 conflicts and the conflict paths look something like



    On 7/27/2018 at 8:39 PM, bratten said:

    I hope this helps you to solve them as well.

    As you can see, it would be very tiresome to find and delete those files. Especially since 1 mistake may delete a bona fide file.

  6. I currently sync folders on my C:\ drive (windows 7 system drive). Now I want to make an exact duplicate of that system partition to transfer it onto a second harddisk, so that I will have 2 computers with the same OS.

    So obviously all ".sync" folders and all user info (user ID, AppData\roaming\Resilio Sync Service) will be the same.

    Will that cause any problems? Or should I delete ".sync" folders and uninstall resilio sync first on the second system?