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  1. To add to my last post. I turned on "Camera Roll backup" and waited a few hours. When I checked the folder on the PC the results were the same. There were a whole lot of folders, most of them empty and a few miscellaneous pictures scattered through out.
  2. I take a lot of pictures on my iPhone 6s and then transfer them to my PC. I open an existing read write folder that is synced to the PC. I then punch the + sign to add files to the folder. I then select the "photo" tab and then the "all photos" tab. In parentheses it shows 76 photos, there are several hundred photos on the camera roll. The photos it shows are mixed up and not current. How can I make Resilio "see" all of the camera roll. I have been using Resilio since it changed from BitSync, several years I believe and this problem just started several months ago after a iOS update. Can anyth