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    Search not working in iOS

    I think that the administrator of Resilio is working with concern, let us try to give them some time to figure out how to bring back this feature. I honestly don't have an idea on why did they have to remove it. BTW, I want to know your thoughts about underground dog fence.
  2. Let us wait for the administrators thought about this concern or you can try Ibif's suggestion.
  3. I guess you guys need to wait, but I am sure they are fixing it already.
  4. justjoyce

    Latest desktop build 2.6.0

    I will definitely upgrade mine, thanks for the update,
  5. justjoyce

    iPhone Photo backup

    Try to contact Apple support to resolve this concern, this has happened to me a few years ago and I am glad that they get to resolve it. But then again it will be better if you copy the important files on your laptop or computer just in case this happens again.
  6. justjoyce

    Android battery use

    She was talking about a program, this is not a usual battery issue. And as I check on the date, this post has been made on 2016. I am 100% sure that this issue has been resolved.
  7. justjoyce

    Latest desktop build 2.5.13

    I guess you guys are almost done with the update and is just polishing some stuff. Thank you for keeping us posted.
  8. justjoyce

    more spam to my bitsycn address

    I think I had one before but I just totally ignore it.