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  1. This is on a laptop running Windows 10 x64. This was a fresh image of the OS. I found a solution for now by uninstalling Resilio, keeping the settings, restarting the computer, then reinstalling it. So far the crash report has not returned. I would still like to have the log file checked out, however. How can I get this to Sync Support?
  2. We have a copy of v2.5.12 (1191) that keeps crashing on one of our machines. It will stop responding when opening, and crash when attempting to start. Sometimes it will appear to be uploading, then changing to view the history or devices will cause the crash message. I have a dump file but it is too large to attach to this post... how can I get this log examined so we can get to a solution?
  3. So we have 3 users on 3 machines all working remotely. We have a folder with 15 documents in it on our shared folder thru sync. User A and user B are online, selective sync on the folder in question, and both see 15 documents. Users A and B go offline. User C comes online, and they only had 10 documents in their folder. They are on selective sync on the shared folder. Users A and B come back online, and they only see 10 documents. Where did our 5 missing documents go, how can we recover them, and how can we prevent this sort of behavior in the future?