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  1. I have 4 GB RAM in the NAS, which are currently - and typically - used only to around 28 or 30%. Storage is occupied with 9.82 TB to around 80%, with 2,44 TB still available. At present, only 1 peer is on, but there could be up to 3 if my other devices are running or in the LAN. There are currently 62 folders to sync, some are small with only a few small files and sync only to one of the possible peers, others can contain subdirectory structures up to 6 levels deep, several 10,000 files and several 100 GB and sync to 2 or all of the peers, if they are online. So far I have not analyz
  2. Unfortunately, it did not run really long, when I returned to the desk now it showed the "stopped responding" message again. I will reboot the NAS now. What "fragments" do you mean? How should I search them?
  3. Thanks for reminding me of this. I updated to the now. After the update, I was able to open Resilio on the NAS. It was working there for about 1 minute, then darkened the browser window, showing "Sync Home has stopped responding. Try reloading the page, or restart the Sync Home instance you were connected to." I first tried to reload the page, this resulted in the error message that I reported above: "Firefox can't establish a connection to server (my NAS's IP address):14860" Next I stopped Resilio from the NAS's App overview, and started it again after a short wait.
  4. I updated the QNAP O/S, after that I could connect to Resilio Sync as I used to. But unfortunately, this worked only once. When I tried again, I got the error message again. Then I restarted the NAS once more because I thought, maybe it works again afterwards (even if only once), but it didn't.
  5. Hello everyone, I have a problem with Resilio syncing between my Windows PC and my QNAP NAS. According to the App Center on my TS-251+, Resilio Sync is installed, but when I try to open it, I get an error message "Firefox can't establish a connection to server (my NAS's IP address):14860". How can I get control over it again?
  6. Today I installed Sync on my Android 5.0 smartphone. I set it up to sync my music folder with a folder on the NAS holding the same data. It started off well, but after about half an hour, having synchronized 96%, it slowed down extremely to around 100 kB/s (the figure jumps up and down from a few kB/s to a little over 100 kB/s). Effectively, during that initial half hour it worked at about 5 to 6 MB/s, but then the transfer rate suddenly dropped dramatically. This is within my home WiFi, which is 802.11ac. I disabled syncing via mobile networks. The folder holds 10.6 GB in 1896 files
  7. I changed names of subfolders inside a sync share. It seems that I observed a temporary non-functioning of sync when I wrote my enquiry, because when I tried again now, it worked as I expected. Looks like I misinterpreted the explanation that I linked in my original enquiry - that happens, because English is not my native language. I'm sorry ... you can close this issue.
  8. It looks like a strange discrepancy to me that files that were renamed are renamed on the peer(s) as well, but not folders. Wouldn't it make sense to unify the behavior? If there is any reason why this doesn't make sense, please let me know. I'm just getting started with Sync, am not familiar with this matter yet. Thanks!