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  1. I’m sorry I’m confused. When I tried to install builds after that 2.6.3 I still get the error.
  2. Has this been fixed. I want to upgrade but I'm not sure if it was addressed in the latest version
  3. Here are the updated instructions where everything seems to be working
  4. Working on the iocage install and it appears to be running fine, but still can't access the webui Crossposting on the freenas forum as well Here's what I'm doing: Initial setup # make temp file that will cause iocage to install some packages echo '{"pkgs":["ca_root_nss"]}' > /tmp/pkg.json # create jail iocage create -n "rslsync" -p /tmp/pkg.json -r 11.1-RELEASE ip4_addr="vnet0|yourip/24" defaultrouter="routerip" vnet="on" allow_raw_sockets="1" boot="on" # remove the temp file rm /tmp/pkg.json Data directory config # map config and data storage outside of jail iocage fstab -a rslsync /mnt/syncdatadirectory /mnt/syncdata nullfs rw 0 0 iocage fstab -a rslsync /mnt/syncconfigdirectory /config nullfs rw 0 0 # link python iocage exec rslsync ln -s /usr/local/bin/python2.7 /usr/bin/python iocage exec rslsync ln -s /usr/local/bin/python2.7 /usr/bin/python2 actual install of resilio # download and unpack resilio from website iocage exec rslsync mkdir /usr/local/rslsync iocage exec rslsync "fetch -o /usr/local/rslsync/" iocage exec rslsync "tar -xzvf /usr/local/rslsync/resilio-sync_freebsd_x64.tar.gz -C /usr/local/rslsync/" iocage exec rslsync rm /usr/local/rslsync/resilio-sync_freebsd_x64.tar.gz user and directory setup # add rslsync user using pid:uid used by rslsync in the past iocage exec rslsync "pw user add rslsync -c rslsync -u 817 -d /nonexistent -s /usr/bin/nologin" # change ownership of config and data directories iocage exec rslsync chown -R rslsync:rslsync /mnt/syncdata /config # Link the rslsync config file to one from config directory outside of jail ##if using an old btsync install in your config dir copy the old config to new one #iocage exec rslsync cp -s /config/btsync.conf /config/sync.conf iocage exec rslsync ln -s /config/sync.conf /usr/local/etc/sync.conf # create the run command directory and file iocage exec rslsync mkdir /usr/local/etc/rc.d iocage exec rslsync "ee /usr/local/etc/rc.d/rslsync" Put the following into the rc.d file #!/bin/sh # # PROVIDE: resilio # REQUIRE: LOGIN DAEMON NETWORKING # KEYWORD: shutdown # # To enable Resilio, add this line to your /etc/rc.conf: # # resilio_enable="YES" # # And optionally these line: # # resilio_user="username" # Default is "root" # resilio_bin="/path/to/resilio" # Default is "/usr/local/share/rslsync" . /etc/rc.subr name="rslsync" rcvar="resilio_enable" load_rc_config $name required_files=$resilio_bin : ${resilio_enable="NO"} : ${resilio_user="rslsync"} : ${resilio_bin="/usr/local/sbin/rslsync"} command=$resilio_bin run_rc_command "$1" use esc to get out of the editor and exit+save by pressing 'a' twice finalizing setup and startup #move the executable from rslsync to sbin iocage exec rslsync mv /usr/local/rslsync/rslsync /usr/local/sbin/ # make the run command file executable iocage exec rslsync chmod u+x /usr/local/etc/rc.d/rslsync #enable start up of rslsync and start iocage exec rslsync sysrc "resilio_enable="YES"" iocage exec rslsync service rslsync start to get around vnet errors that current version of freenas seems to be causing(not sure if this is needed for sync or not) iocage exec rslsync 'sysrc ifconfig_epair0_name="epair0b"'