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  1. Thank you Gane for your reply. In fact, I don't know how to check if multicast, broadcast, etc... are working on my device. Don't know even if it's possible to check on samsung galaxy S8+... As you propose, I will contact the support team. Thank you again
  2. Hi everybody, First of all, not being a Native English speaker, please excuse mistakes or incomprehension if there are any. Since I regularly work "on the road" in devastated country where mobile network is very expensive, I bought the pro version of Resilio to sync all my data between phone and computers, using my android phone as router (Wifi access point tethering). Unfortunately, it doesn't work. I try all advices from the Resilio Help Center with no positiv result. In my case, I need to sync data from computers to my phone without using 3G/4G data connection but only android wifi tethering on wich my computers are connected (LAN). I disable use of tracker and relay as indicated but peers aren't connecting or discovered anyway. Please note that when I use 3G/4G data to connect or an external wifi router, it does work properly, but unfortunately, this is not an option most of the time in my situation. Is that a known problem ? Is there a solution ? Thanking you in advance for your help, I wish you a very plesant day.