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  1. Resilio 2.6.2 on Windows 10 (latest patch level) is constantly crashing after adding directories (not empty) after some time 4-5 seconds, while indexing files. last entries in logfile: [2018-12-05 19:02:06.360] API: --> getmfdevices(t=1544032926332) [2018-12-05 19:02:06.361] API: --> getperformancewarnings(t=1544032926332) [2018-12-05 19:02:08.805] class TcpSocketWrapper::TcpSocket::set_error[0x000001deb50f6ed0][-1] 10060 (offline (timed out)) [2018-12-05 19:02:08.805] class TcpSocketWrapper::TcpSocket::set_error[0x000001deb50f70b0][-1] 10060 (offline (timed out)) any ideas? the only solution is to remove the directory, to stop crashing...
  2. tried this file on a synlogy ds213j - same problem here like dirtNnasty: "Der Paketdienst konnte nicht ausgeführt werden" - seems the build is not working yet. downgraded to 2.5.12-1 version - (resiliosync_armada370_DSM6_2.5.12-1.spk) happy to get updated info when a new rc is ready...
  3. great to see that resilio is still beeing maintained. the new version works well - is there also a build for synology nas? (e.g. armada370) Installation Instructions (still with the old 2.5.12 link)