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  1. Hi all I was wondering if someone could explain exactly how predefined hosts work. I have a macbook that i would like to setup with my synology nas this way while im at home and away. When im away i will obviously be on a different network, im guessing some firewall rules would have to be setup on my home firewall to allow connections externally. What ports would be required to be opened for this? Does anyone use the predefined host setup? be interested to see your setups if you do and how you find it. Kind regards Rufus
  2. Many thanks for the above, i was surprised that sync still worked externally from my server especially as I haven't forwarded any ports and have the upnp feature disabled.
  3. Hi Everyone I’m just curious to know which port resilio uses to sync over? Reason I ask is I have disabled upnp on all my sync devices as I’m not really a fan of it but everything still seems to sync ok when I am remote from my main sync server. Thanks