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  1. After working for two weeks to track down an issue on the gateway computer, I now need to setup folders which were previously setup. Unfortunately, I have documents in the destination folder which need to be synced to the gateway. When I try to connect to the destination folder on my laptop, I get the expected message "Destination folder not empty. Add anyway?" I cannot lose the files not synced in the destination folder. What happens when I click "OK" to add anyway? This is a critical situation.
  2. Thanks for the reminder and guidance.
  3. Sorry for asking dumb question, but where does the archive folder live? I'm using a Mac (10.15.4) but interfacing with Windows PC.
  4. @Gane O'dwyer Thanks for the response. Full article basically describes my experience. HOWEVER, my question was not fully expressed in that, once I reconnect a share that had Selective Sync enabled, and the placeholder files are no longer there, how do I get the share to re-sync? Even if I change the preferences to turn off Selective Sync, the share does not re-sync all contents, or even the previous placeholder files.
  5. Have been struggling with Home Pro setup after adding a new linked device and inadvertently syncing everything from another device. I now understand the function of the linked devices is to do exactly that. However, in the process of working that out, a folder was deleted on one device which had placeholders in it. When I reconnected the synced folder, the placeholders were not restored. Can't figure out how to force full sync of the affected folder. Tried changing Selective Sync status from "On" to "Off" - didn't work; tried On->Off and disconnecting the folder, then reco