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  1. Thanks for the reminder and guidance.
  2. Sorry for asking dumb question, but where does the archive folder live? I'm using a Mac (10.15.4) but interfacing with Windows PC.
  3. @Gane O'dwyer Thanks for the response. Full article basically describes my experience. HOWEVER, my question was not fully expressed in that, once I reconnect a share that had Selective Sync enabled, and the placeholder files are no longer there, how do I get the share to re-sync? Even if I change the preferences to turn off Selective Sync, the share does not re-sync all contents, or even the previous placeholder files.
  4. Have been struggling with Home Pro setup after adding a new linked device and inadvertently syncing everything from another device. I now understand the function of the linked devices is to do exactly that. However, in the process of working that out, a folder was deleted on one device which had placeholders in it. When I reconnected the synced folder, the placeholders were not restored. Can't figure out how to force full sync of the affected folder. Tried changing Selective Sync status from "On" to "Off" - didn't work; tried On->Off and disconnecting the folder, then reconnecting - didn't work; tried On->Off and then "touching" the affected subfolder - didn't work; have yet to try On->Off and "touching" the affected subfolder on the source device (kind of hard to do in my remote setting). Any suggestions (and even corrections) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.