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  1. Yes, a hashing option to check for bitrot would be fantastic. Definitely would love to have this.
  2. Daria, If you regularly open Sync to check the sync percentage indicator, then yes, that's one way to be alerted to syncing problems. Except that requires users to frequently open the app and actively look at the status of their synced folders. I suspect for the majority of users, Resilio Sync is used as set and forget (similar to Dropbox). I would much prefer if the menu bar icon would display the sync percentage in a dropdown menu and, more importantly, flash an alert if a synced folder was stuck at 99% for literally weeks and even months. The protection of a user's data should be paramount when it comes to syncing software. This resource fork syncing bug has been in the past two official releases for months and months. How many current users are experiencing this bug with incomplete syncing and are not aware of it? Considering the potential for data loss, why hasn't the bug fix been released officially instead of being only available as an internal build if a user posts in the support forum? I don't know if you're in contact with the dev team, but if you can, please pass on these concerns.
  3. Daria, Thank you. That seems to have fixed the syncing issue. However, I'm very concerned and alarmed about the inability of Resilio Sync to alert me to the fact that it was unable to sync the items. There needs to be a flashing icon or alert of some kind. Sync status was stuck at 99% and any new folders or files that were added would not actually sync, so data loss becomes possible. I almost lost several gigabytes of very important family photos, even with multiple backs. And yet, Resilio Sync Pro behaved as if nothing was amiss. Why doesn't Resilio do some sort of diff comparison of synced folders across devices and then alert you if there is a discrepancy?
  4. I've got lots of old text files (.txt, SimpleText, RTF) as well as JPGs that contain resource forks. I'm not sure what data is stored in the resource forks (maybe thumbnails) or whether it's important. Unfortunately, there seems no easy way to remove resource forks easily in big batches. There used to be a contextual menu item you could install called GrimRipper but it no longer seems to work.
  5. I'm on macOS Mojave and I can't use Resilio Sync to sync any files (photos or other) that contain resource forks. What's worse is that Resilio fails silently. It doesn't alert me to the fact that it failed to sync these files, so data loss is a real risk. Also, because Resilio has silently choked on those files, it refuses to sync any new files without resource forks and new folders that I add to the synced folder. But it's not alerting me to this. As long as there are some files with resource forks in the synced folder, the newly added files and folders just never appear on the other computers. I almost lost a lot of data because of this bug/behaviour. The other day I noticed that a bunch of my photo folders were empty. These were photos that I hadn't looked at in half a year. It turns out that Resilio never synced them to my main desktop because they contained resource forks. I was only able to restore them from Time Machine snapshot dating back to June 2019. And that snapshot was due to be culled because I was running out of space on my external drive. So, three questions: 1) Why does Resilio Sync Pro choke on and fail to sync files containing resource forks? 2) Why doesn't Resilio alert me, loudly and clearly, that there has been a sync failure? 2) Why isn't Resilio Sync syncing and new files and folders that I add even though they don't contain resource forks?
  6. So that's good news to a certain extent. But they don't seem to be responding to support tickets from Resilio Pro/Home customers which isn't cool.
  7. So it looks like we should assume that they laid off most, if not all, of their support staff. I wonder if they did the same with the programmers.
  8. That's definitely worrisome. To wait three weeks for a support response on a purchased product is unacceptable. Not an encouraging sign at all.
  9. I've noticed that Resilio Sync staff have not responded to any forums posts for many months. And I've noticed that Sync is not working reliably any more on macOS Mojave, possibly because of recent security hardening by Apple. Does anyone know if development has stopped on Sync? It certainly seems like they have no support staff.
  10. I'm not sure what you mean by root folder. Do you mean the default folder location that's listed in Settings? And when you say "just sync the folder that the device should have", that's what I've been doing as far as I know. Normally, I just click the + button and drag a folder into it and it automatically starts syncing the folder to all my devices that have Resilio Sync installed (except mobile apps). Now I'm using disconnected or selective sync.
  11. Alright, I figured it out. It was syncing to my Synology because it was set to sync by default. I though I was only syncing a single folder to my Synology but I was obviously wrong. I really don't like that "Synced" is the default because everything gets synced as soon as you add it, especially if you've forgotten about certain devices. If I add a huge folder (e.g., 20 GB) to be synced to a family member in another location, I don't want 20 GB to be synced to all my devices, some of which might be size constrained. Selective Sync or Disconnected should be the default mode upon installation. Then the user can choose when to sync something.
  12. So, I added a large folder to Resilio Sync on my main desktop. My other three devices are offline and folders are set to be disconnected by default. And yet, Resilio is "uploading" the new folder at 3MB/sec. I thought Resilio is cloudless and only syncs when the other devices are online and I've triggered sync on them (when they're set to disconnected). According to the Help Center, So where is Resilio uploading to? Am I misunderstanding that Resilio is cloudless and is actually uploading to a server somewhere?
  13. I use custom folder icons with a lot of my folders because it allows me to instantly identify the folder I want open. I find it much faster than reading the folder name or using tags (which are not very visible). Unfortunately, it seems that Resilio Sync doesn't like custom folder icons and strips them when syncing to other Macs. Is there a way to preserve custom folder icons when syncing?
  14. I just bought a license for Sync Home and now, whenever I select a folder to share, it's automatically linked to my other Macs and all the folders go into the Resilio Sync folder. But that's not the workflow I want. I want to be able to sync folders to the same folder path location on the other devices. So, for example, if I sync a folder called "Receipts" which is located in ~/Documents, I want it to appear in the ~/Documents folder on the other machines. That's how it worked with Sync Free because it allowed me to select the location manually each time I added the code for a share. Now, with Sync Home, the only option appears to be automatic syncing to whatever folder is set as default. This is frustrating and bad UI design. The default behavior of an app should not change automatically and drastically just because a user has bought a license for it. Is there a way to revert the behavior of adding a share to so it asks me for the share location, or at least give me the option to choose between automatic syncing to the default folder or manually selection of the share path?