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  1. @Gane, here are the detailed steps, maybe there is another feature that I was not aware of. On server, the folder was added with "selective sync" set to "on" On client, folder was added via Enter Key, and "Selective Sync" option was set to "on" before click "next" Once "next" is clicked, dest folder was selected on client side, all dir/file nodes were created as a placeholder. This could be 100K+ items created, while I may just need 10 files. I don't see any options for me to choose which files to sync before all placeholders are created. Problems - takes a while to c
  2. I purchased Home Pro to get selective sync feature, which is widely available from other Cloud client, like Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive However, I'm very disappointed at the feature. This placeholder concept is beyond me. Any plan to make this selective sync work as other common cloud client? The disadvantage of Resilio approach 1 - not so effective, it creates 100K+ placeholders even before I have opportunity to disable sync for a directory at root level. 2- what if I need to add a locally removed directory back at a later time?