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  1. Ah one thing - When my imac at work is on it syncs - But I think it only syncs between the macbook and the imac. It's very odd
  2. Hey, I have the problem that my NAS sees new files i create in the sync folder on my macbook. I can see in the web gui that it recognized the new files but when I look into the synced folder on my nas there is no file. Also on the macbook the file turns green, telling me it's uploaded. But once I delete it and try to resync it it says that the peer has to be online to recieve the file. The peer (NAS) is online - I see it on the desktop app .. It all used to work flawlessly - this is happening since I moved to a new apartment. I was guessing that maybe the listen port of the nas & macbook weren't correctly set on my router but they are .. Hope somebody can help. I have all the latest version of Resilio installed on my devices and I'm using Home Pro.