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  1. 1.Well that is the problem,i dont know or Omv(Openmediavault) is supported? I have readed that "FreeNas" users can install it. 1a. Is possible to sync 2 Nas devices via laptop without connecting Nas 1&2 directly? 2.Yes u are right i ment encrypted data transfer,is it an option before syncing not to use it or it part of Sync? TNX
  2. Hello everybody, Before buying or considering u`r application i would like to get some answers to see if it is for me. Let me first tell u my environment ,I`m willing to sync from: 1.HPe Gen8 microserver/OpenMediaVault(Debian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie),openmediavault Release: 3.0.95 Codename: Erasmus) TO 2. Synology DS215j DSM 6.1.5-15254 Both of them are connected to the same router. Questions: 1.Shall this work between these two`s Nas`es(DS215j is supported)? 1a. Is it possible to sync from laptop as a correspodent/mediator between 2 Nas`s - which is in fact far more simply for someone who's not an IT tech? 2.Is decrypting an option (on/off) ? 3.Is there an option to "remap" the files on both nas`s or just to begin from beginning? 3a.And on the and the far most important question: is it possible to continue the sync if one of the Nas`s(in my case would be DS215j) have been OFF (electrical grid)? Wat is aftermath of it? The point of the Sync is to copy 1:1 on rarely basis.But on Nas(1)Omv does occur from time to time add new media files or deleting of old one`s. Thanx!