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  1. Is that not expected bahaviour? Resilio keeps the folders on the 2 machines in sync. If you delete a file on the seedbox then it'll keep the folders in sync and delete the file from your local.
  2. "Sync Home" is free for personal use: "Sync Home Pro" and "Sync Family Pro" are the same app, but with the Pro features unlocked ("Home" has a Pro license for 1 user, "Family" has a Pro license for 5 users), for personal use. "Sync for Business" is the same app, but the license allows commercial use. All of this info is available on the front page for Sync Home:
  3. According to your licensing department, the lastest version of your API will only be available for Sync for Business and not for the non-commercial Sync Home/Family. Is this post incorrect or is is the information that I received from your licensing department incorrect?
  4. TL;DR, the API isn't an option, so what other automation options do I have? I'm wanting to automate some things between my desktop/laptop/home server/backup server. The API seemed like the best way to do this. Based on posts by RomanZ in other topics, I contacted the Resilio licensing department to purchase an API key. They informed me that it's not currently possible to purchase a key (you can only get the 12-month trial key), and that the API will not be available to Sync/Sync Pro users (only Sync Business and Connect users) when it is finalized, so it's a waste of time for me to write automation around the API if I'm eventually not going to be allowed to use it. Because of this, I'm looking for other automation options. I can't find any documentation, posts or articles about non-API options that would allow me to interface programmatically with Sync (e.g. a command-line interface). The best thing that I've come up with is writing a script to click/type things into the Sync GUI, which works, but is overly clunky just to issue basic commands to Sync. Does anyone have any other ideas?
  5. Thanks, Frank! Exactly what I was looking for.
  6. I've asked Resilio this question in multiple places (Twitter, Facebook, email) but have received no response. Hoping I can get some clarity here. Does anyone know if the Sync Family license is per-user or per-install? The site implies per-user, but I want to make sure before I buy. I only have 3 family members, but between phones, tablets, desktops, laptops and home servers, it's easily over 5 installs.