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  1. Registering the same problem, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with Android 10. App stops syncing after a day or two, must restart phone to get sync going again.
  2. I get that often it is handy to get the notification that syncing can't happen because a file is locked. However, consider the case where your backup software is set to split system backups into manageable chunks. In this case, because the backup software will hold on to the file for a few seconds until it is done writing, *every* single file created throws up a notification from Resilio Sync... and I *really* don't need to see those, since I already know why this happens. I've been looking for a setting anywhere that allows me to configure a delay before the notification kicks in, but can't find it. Does it exist? Is there another way of avoiding the unnecessary notifications in this case?
  3. It appears to be some sort of bug. I am experiencing this on a regular basis; I have sync on a number of folders set up between 2-3 of my machines, and often when I start a machine, I will get the "owner removed your permission" in Sync on that machine. I'm not adding folders; these are folders that were syncing fine before the machine was previously shut down. It is getting really annoying.
  4. If I have already *manually* paused syncing on a folder (or on every folder via the tray icon), then I don't need to see tray notifications telling me that a file in that folder can't be synced*. Obviously I know that there's not going to be any syncing* done on a paused folder. For me, in this case, the message is just annoying and a waste of time. I would love to have an option to turn off any notifications regarding paused folders. * I'm aware there are multiple parts to the "sync", eg indexing of newly generated files, that may still be happening, even though sync has been turned off. However, the popups do state "sync", and as such, are totally useless for me. ** see my recent thread in the general discussion area for a screenshot if needed
  5. I'll stop here and post a topic in the feature request section. Thanks for your assistance.
  6. You do not understand me right; I don't need the basic lecture on why a file may be locked. Please reread my initial post. Then, let me know your thoughts on this: *why* should I want to see messages telling me a file can't be synced, in a folder where I have already manually paused sync? Does resilio consider this useful? Because I don't find it helpful at all. I would love for there to be an option to turn that behaviour *off*.
  7. A screenshot of what? The notification I already described? Sorry, I don't see the point. I sync programming project folders that I work on at certain times (hence turning sync manually on/off). The notification is usually concerning the executable that is being replaced each time one compiles or builds. I'm still interested in other user's general thoughts on this; is it useful for you to see such a notification?
  8. ...if I have already *manually* paused syncing on that folder? Obviously I know that there's not going to be any syncing done on a paused folder. IMO, in this case, the message is just annoying and a waste of time. Agree or disagree?