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  1. So Im using Resilio with a NAS on a remote IP, I have set up everything for a folder around 400 gb. The structure of both folders seems to be the same but it still says it has to upload around 60 gb which would be normal but its doing something wierd. The sync will show as if it is complete but regularly it will show as 50 percent is finished and it will actually upload something for some time and then flip back to completed. I dont get it? I dont think the NAS is still indexing because its been on for 3 days now. (The finished percent does go up, but very slow) Yesterday I changed the folder structure and moved some stuff, didnt add or remove and for hours it didnt synchronize the new structure, then I check it this morning and it has updated the folder structure but the problem with the on and off uploading happened and the main difference is that it is doing it through a relay server now? I dont get whats the problem