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  1. Here some tips that could save battery life.It's very easy to handle. 1. Disable Background App Refresh 2. Enable Low Power Mode 3. Disable WiFi, Bluetooth & Airdrop When Not Needed 4. Restore Your Device
  2. Some iPhone upback software maybe help you.Just contact your iPhone and your personal picture with USB cable,then 1-Click back up.
  3. Of course,it will not affect pictures status on the computer when you delete the photo on the phone,as they are saved in different places.
  4. To recover android phone lost data, you can have a try of data recovery methods, I think that is a good choice for data recovery. Anyway, if you really want the deleted data back, you should try every method. Those recovery tools can also have the possibility to recover deleted data I think. However if you have already written over the sections of the internal storage of your device. Then there is really nothing you can do to recovery them.