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  1. Maybe you can put the "config_refresh_interval" power user preference to 0? That should disable the download of the file with the trackers and relays.
  2. I think @Gane O'dwyer was referring to the filenames in your decrypted folder. AFAIK the most likely cause for conflicts are long filenames, so searching for them in your decrypted folder is probably the easiest thing to try first. Keep in mind that deleting files in an encrypted folder is harmless: it's also a read-only folder, so all deleted files will be restored as soon as a peer is detected. Also, it's very likely than most of your conflicts are in the same folder (looking at the image in your original post, most of the files share the same prefix) so it would probably take you lest than it looks, but no doubt is not a pleasant task. Good luck!
  3. I saw that black popup, but it didn't show the path, just the encrypted filename. I guess this doesn't work with large paths. I made sure all files where synced before removing the conflict files and forcing the rescan. That way, no other files should be requested. I'll edit my previous post to clarify it.
  4. I don’t understand this logic at all. Could you please explain more what do you mean? I don’t see how not being a cloud plays a role here. How is showing placeholders in different that showing the same placeholders in your iOS app, or in macOS’ Finder?
  5. Mmm, I'm missing something or in only the already synced files are visible? I don't see any way to show the placeholders...
  6. Being able to decrypt encrypted folders and the integration with in iOS are two major features, besides everything else that was already in the Release Candidate. Congratulations to the team! (Now only support for Live Photos in iOS is missing...). BTW, the power user preferences help article isn't updated?
  7. Resilio 2.6.0 has finally added integration with!
  8. @knnknn I've found a way to solve the conflicts: I hope this helps you to solve them as well.
  9. I've found a reliable way to find which files are the ones causing conflicts. Basically, you have to remove the conflict files in the encrypted folder and force a rescan, to make them appear in the logs of the devices with the decrypted folders: Make sure that all files are synced between your encrypted and decrypted devices, and stop all peers that could make changes in the folders with conflicts. In the device who has the encrypted folder with conflicts, go to the Resilio main view, click the orange exclamation mark and then click in the message saying that there are conflicts. A list with all the files with conflicts should appear. With that list open, use the web inspector to see the HTML of this view. Here is a guide to do this in Chrome. Doing this, you will see the path to each conflicting file in the encrypted folder. Remove the files with conflicts from the encrypted folder. Force a rescan of the encrypted folder. This can be done simply by restarting Resilio. When Resilio finish trying to download the conflicting files, go to a device with the decrypted folder and open its sync.log. Within this log, search each encrypted filename (you can get them from the list in step 1). Short after each one, there should be a message saying "load torrent request, will try to load torrent for file <file>" That's the decrypted file that's causing the conflicts! Rename it and the conflicts should go away. With this, I've been able to solve all the conflicts in my setup. Problems with this: There should be a way to see the path to the conflicted files without using the web inspector. This doesn't scale well: if you have hundreds of conflicts, this could be a real hassle (unless all conflicts are in the same subfolder). I hope this helps anyone who has this problem in the future, and that Resilio implements a better way to do this.
  10. I've exactly the same problem: In my case, updating to 2.6.1312 didn't solve the problem. I'm working with the support team to see what's happening. Which OSs are you using?
  11. First, thank you for taking the time to help me. About my setup: the 2 Macs are running macOS 10.13.5 (latest version). One of them is using Resilio 2.5.13 and the other one is using the Release Candidate of Resilio 2.6.0. The encrypted peer is running Resilio 2.5.9 (the latest version of the official FreeNAS plugin) and FreeNAS 11.1-U5 (latest version too). All of this computers are in the same physical location. The folder that's giving me problems has 112450 files for a total size of 88 GB. If it's absolutely needed, I'll try to collect the logs and send them to you (after studying how much personal information they have), but keep in mind that I'm not trying to understand why there are conflicts: this folder has an awful lot of subfolders with very long filenames and symbolic links, so I'm not surprised that it has conflicts (I'm actually surprised that it only has 23 conflicts). What I want to know is which files are causing the conflicts, to simply rename them. And I would like to know how to do it myself, because I wouldn't like having to send you logs each time a conflict occurs. So, if there is a way to correlate the encrypted file with is corresponding decrypted file using the debug log, could you tell me how to do it? I'm unable to find anything interesting in the debug logs... And if this kind of information is not in the debug log, is there any alternative way to find the offending files? I tried to make a script that, knowing the file that's causing problems in the encrypted peer (the only information that I've found), searches the entire folder in one of the decrypted peers and returns the subfolders that: Are at the same sublevel that the conflicting file in the encrypted peer. Have the same number of files and subfolders that the one containing the conflicting file in the encrypted peer. Have the same modification date as the folder with the conflicting file. But it didn't worked properly, so I assume that Resilio changes the modification date of the synced files, and with the other 2 variables only I get too many matching subfolders. Is there a better way of doing this, or other things that I could add to the script to reduce the number of matches?
  12. Hello, I've been using Resilio for years between two Macs without major problems. Now, I have added an encrypted FreeNAS node and it has problems with conflicts. I would simply change the name of the conflicting files on the Macs but the thing is, I don't know which files are the ones causing conflicts: FreeNAS doesn't know the real name of this files (and rightly so), the Macs don't give any alert about the conflicts, and I'm unable to find a way to correlate the encrypted name that FreeNAS gives me with the real name of the files. What's the best way to solve this?