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  1. Hi guys, I was wondering how this works. I have a folder on 2 machines (1 nas and 1 mac) and I want to sync this folder to my macbook pro (3rd machine). during syncing the files I see that I only get the files from 1 machine (the mac pro) instead of 2 different machines. Alle machines are in the same network. Maybe I have some settings wrong?
  2. Hey guys i got camera backup working Finally on my iPhone 8. So after backuppen 53gb i check what sync did backup it Looks like iT got images from 2017 up until Today. The strange thing is the i have images from 1994 on my camera roll.. so what did i do wrong that i am missing the old images??
  3. I have the same issue.... only the Resilio on my Synology can be connected and my other mac on another location is not. Not sure if downgrading will work?
  4. Sounds great! For now I stop using Resilio because it's speed is really slow compared with Dropbox. I have a lot of RAW's/JPEG's and Capture One (small files of 10kb) and XMP files which are small too. WHen I want to sync it takes a lot of time ... I do have almost no CPU usage, but it really takes a lot of time to backup Tried every tip on the "Why is Resilio slow" page I do work with 3 computers and 2 nasses which have all fast connections
  5. Thanks Gane for your feedback. Not really sure what you mean, sorry for that. So what I ready is that syncing small files take more time because of the indexing/tree merging etc etc. Will this also infect CPU usage like Dropbox does? And what if I have like 30Tb of data and start up my Mac... wil Resilio first start indexing and check if everything is in sync? With Dropbox it take like 30 minutes before it's finished
  6. Here's a screenshot of my Resilio folder. I do see them on the files but not on the folder. On the other sreenshot you see the Dropbox version. The Greyed out folders where you can browse trhough. Those are online by the smart-sync
  7. Yes I have seen them on the file, that's great! Only not on folders?
  8. Yes is is indeed.... hoping to get some of the cool stuff Dropbox has already figured out that will be implemented into Resilio
  9. Would be great to have the green checkmark next to a folder/file for files that are synced and a greyed out checkmark that's online.. just like Dropbox has..
  10. Hi JD84, Good to hear I am not the only one with problems I have an NAS inside my home network with 10Gbe connection so transferspeeds of 200MB/s so that's not the problem. What I was thinking is that the more devices you have the faster everything will be and every device will share bandwith to get maximum speed while syncing. Most easy are the big video files and RAW photo's but all the small files take a lot of time
  11. yes, thats what I meant, thanks for explaining better then I did
  12. Thanks Gane for your reply. I have tried to set everything up but it's still not very fast. Sending a folder with 1000 pretty small jpgs (1mb) takes some time, but that was because the other side is on a relay server (nat etc) So I also tried to sync an folder of 125gb with RAW/JPG's and XMP files and .COT files (which are small files for Capture One) and it took really forever! I synced it to 2 nasses and 1 macpro on 3 different locations with fast internet speeds (master nas is 500/500mbit and other are around 100mbit)
  13. update... I have now 2 nasses on different locations + macPro and Macbook Pro all with Resilio here you can see the 4 peers and the 3 peers that are running maybe I have setup 1 of the devices the wrong way and that's why the speed is so slow?
  14. Gu Gane, That explains everything. After a few hours now I see the MBP does not have the mark anymore
  15. I do see that syncing from the MBP to the NAS on the internal network is very quick, but syncing to the MacPro on another location over the internet is very slow on the MBP but the NAS is very quick. Also not sure if this is correct. Peers Online 2 of 2 . but I have a NAS (as main) and a MacPro (syncing all files) AND a Macbook Pro (using selective sync) Maybe something went wrong here?
  16. Hey guys, I wanted to ask something about the sync speed. This should be very fast but over here I am not sure if this is the case. My setup: - NAS with base folder. - then I went to my devices and copied the key to my Macbook Pro AND my MacPro - the base folder is automatically being synced which should be fine For now my NAS does most work and is sending with speeds of 7mb per sec, but when I put some files with my MacBook Pro on the Resilio folder I see the MacBook Pro only uses around 100kb per sec upload. So the Macpro also is not getting the high speeds it should Did I do a correct setup?
  17. Hey guys, I am trying to figure out how the selective sync works. My original folders is on the NAS with all data. On my laptop I like to use my internal disc which is not big enough for the whole NAS folder So selective sync is a great tool to use. As a Dropbox user I also use Selective Sync and I can browse though all folders and sub folders and just sync the subfolders I need to work with. When I now remove a folder from my Laptop for Selective Sync I get a placeholder for this folder and I can not browse trough the folder to select just 1 file and sync it when I need it. Since I have a lot of folders and sub folder I love to browse through all my folders that are off-line and just sync the files/folders I need I hope I described it correctly and love to hear some tips.
  18. Hey guys, I am just setting up my pro account on my NAS, MacPro and Macbook Pro On the NAS I have set it up on a share and put around 150Gb of data in it to test the speed and the Nas has 10Tb free space So on the Macbook Pro I am using an external SSD with 300gb space left and on the MacPro I use an External RAID with 14tb free So with more then enough free space I still getting the orange exclamation mark on my Macbook Pro and on my MacPro even after checking if there is enough space. I do know the mark means that there is not enough space What am I doing wrong here?