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  1. @Gane O'dwyer 1) I did not even mention "sync (of) the files/folders permissions" in my OP. It is irrelevant for the question/problem as I do not seek to have permissions synced 2) "folders have to be with read- write permissions" - they do. It is also irrelevant for the question/problem Thanks, Andrej
  2. Dear all, I have reached the stage in my evaluation where it seems I cannot use Resilio for my needs. Would love to be corrected :) I have two identical NAS boxes (Netgear, Linux) in two locations. Both are used by multiple users via Windows CIFS shares, and need multiple shares synced. Problem is, Resilio is unable to update mtime timestamps, and this results in a cryptic "initial recheck" errors - and a bit less cryptic "Failed to write attributes" As you probably know, on Linux (which Netgear NAS is), only the OWNER of the file can change file timestamps to anything but