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  1. I didn't see anything about a corrupt file. I did see a files attempting to be synced over and over again. It should have been full synced months before so it was an obvious red flag for me.
  2. @luckman212 It turned out to the a corrupt file that Sync kept reading non stop. Found it in the logs. Deleted the files and the issue stopped
  3. Sync is running on a Windows host that has shares from the NAS mounted.
  4. It's a Freenas v11.1 box with with 48gb RAM. I've used this configuration for years and it's only been the last couple months this issue has popped up. Along with the high network usage it has also been hammering the CPU. As I'm writing this Sync is using between 50% and 70% of the 6 cores of the host. That's with nothing syncing and 1 folder indexing.
  5. Hey All, With my current setup I'm using about 15 folders within Sync. They point to a network mount from my NAS. Total size of folders is ~11tb At any given time Sync is hammering the NAS with reads. Bandwidth wise it is almost constantly between 2 and 4gbps download to the host (Server 2012 R2) Sync is running on. This typically results in ~300tb of bandwidth usage a month. Windows shows the network usage is coming from System, not from Risilio Sync. However, when I kill sync the bandwidth usage stops. This seems like odd behavior to me. I can't imagine indexing would be that heavy. Has anyone seen this or have any advice to troubleshoot further?