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  1. I guess, your problem is the same as this:
  2. Unfortunatly, I can't to this changes via SSH because for this, QTS needs the user "admin" and I have problems with passwordfor this user and password reset isn't working. So a proper solution (updated version of Resilio) is urgently needed!
  3. I have quite a similiar problem. I have resilio running for years on 2-3 Windows PCs an a QNAP-NAS TS-253 A. It was running (almost) properly for years. Since a few weeks/months, I recognized that resilio on NAS isn't syncing anymore. I wasn't able to open the GUI at all. I tried to deinstall and reinstall it (package from qnap-store). At first I could open the GUI on newly installed resilio package, but at this step, it interrupted. I tried it for 3-4 times now. Installed the new QTS (4.5.3). Always the same problem. Help needed!
  4. Hi Gavin, I have a quite similar problem. Have you resolved the problem?
  5. Unfortunatly I can't follow your answer, I think it isn't correct. I am absolutely sure, the folder ".streams" was created by Resilio Sync and not by myself or QNAP.
  6. Another Question: I know how to put ADS on StreamsList. But what to do with the ADS changed before?! I assume there is a possibility to restore them via the files in the folder .Streams mentioned before. But how to do it (and not to do it manually for all over 6000 ADS...)?! Thank you in advance!
  7. PS: Here is a screenshot of the content / content structure of StreamsList folder:
  8. It's one of many resilio folders at the first level below the sync folder:
  9. Thank you very much! This answer helped (even as I am replying very late). What I haven't understood is: Resiliy Help says: "For simplicity we'll call both alt streams and extended attributes with term "xattrs" below." AND "xattrs and IgnoreList Xattrs cannot be ignored by IgnoreList. If you want to stop some xattr from being synced - simply remove it from StreamsList." So I didn't really want to sync them (even if until now I am not quite sure if loosing some alt streams could cause problems), but ignoring them has caused so many error messages... Second point is: I have lots of folders in .Streams folder but no file in this particular folder (or any other folder) . Have I deleted it unfortunatly or do everyone simply has to create a new, blank file when he want to use StreamList? So do I just have to create a file with ending .txt?!
  10. I habe problem with resilio sync because there are about 6000 problems with files, where "illegal characters were replaced". See the pictures below (some in english and some in german, but I think the problem will be clear) Actually I use 2 times Windows 10 and 1 QNAP-NAS TS253A. I would appreciate your help very much... (The second problem is the I have a corrupted database now. I think I will be able to solve that problem, but I think I should solve the problem regarding the illegal characters first).
  11. Resilio is showing about 6000 errors because of the signs of Zone Identifier and more from Alternate Data Stream. Looks like in the picture. Some ideas how to solve the problem?! Can't believe I'm the only one...