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  1. Lightroom has always had significant issues with files stored on NAS devices in my experience, but I mainly prefer my local copy images and catalogues on SSDs for performance issues. When I have tried hosting images on NAS there's often a lag while doing detailed edits in LR
  2. No, just the desktop PC is for editing. :)
  3. Hi, I've used Sync previously between PC and an Unraid server, and it worked very well for me. Now, my setup has changed and I'm looking to get some advice on setup to make sure things get synced correctly and I don't lose anything. I'm a photographer, and want to keep my image catalogues and files synced with current edits, and keep 2 local copies on NAS devices. Source: Desktop PC, dedicated drive for photography Destination 1 - Synology NAS (DS918+) Destination 2 - WD NAS (EX4100) Ideally, I want Desktop - Synology to be the priority, and WD to get a copy