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  1. See also This is sad. Is Resilio essentially dead? I have no idea how this would go unfixed for so many years if development was still active.
  2. I am using the latest Version (2.7.2) on Linux, and recently amended my notes on two machines. With git-style conflict resolution these changes could have probably been automatically resolved, but now the one I changed last simply overwrote the other changes. This is bonkers! I had to search through the archive and find the other change and then integrate them manually. These notes would have straight-up been lost if I hadn't noticed that! Kinda sad that I bought a Family License and now encounter major issues enticing me to switch away even before starting to apply the license in my family...
  3. I am using version 2.7.2 on Linux, and I only find the option to change the "Share name", which only affects the current device. Could you be more specific?
  4. The only solution I can imagine right now is to remove the folder entirely and re-add it again on all devices...
  5. I use Sync PRO and have a folder named "bilder" that I now renamed to "images". On all synced devices, the folder is called images, but when I connect a new device to my identity it still shows up as "bilder", so I always have to manually adjust the location again. Is there any way to fix that? Read through https://help.resilio.com/hc/en-us/articles/360011865879-Setting-custom-name-for-sync-shares but that is exactly what I don't want - to only change it locally.
  6. Okay apparently I accidentally had two sync processes opened and it resolved after restart. But it would really be great if one could simply edit the configuration file or at least export it, as AL40k suggested.
  7. I totally second this request! I just had this problem and it sucks...