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  1. Hey all. I am reading more about Read Only folders. My first impression of RO folders led me to believe it would be an exact, up-to-date mirror of the source folder. So, if someone deleted or changed a file on the target machine, it would be ignored/deleted by the source machine and the source machine would re-sync the original file. Now I am not sure I understand that correctly. I am getting error messages on my target machine saying that files in my RO folders are out of sync. I found the "Is One-Way Synchronization possible?", and believe that is the solution I need. However, ca
  2. Hi all, I have multiple sync folders and all work great (other than a weird mass deletion once...fortunately had a backup) except for one particular folder. This also happens to be my only Read Only folder, so I'm not sure if it is specific to the RO functionality or if there is some other issue. The first error I get is a "Cannot Download 9 Files" error. It says that the peer is not online but it will continue sync once they are back online. However, the peer is indeed online, has been online for months, and the status shows "1 of 1" peers online. The second error I get is
  3. Also, what does "Revert All" or "Ignore All" mean? In another folder, I am getting the "XX files are out of sync". I think this is because they were deleted in the read-only folder, but they have also been deleted (intentionally) in the source folder. Shouldn't Sync see that they have been deleted on both sides and be OK?
  4. Hi all, I recently changed backup plans and have a huge amount of data that I needed to sync with an offsite machine, that had previously been syncing my old backup files. I have an external hard drive, so I carried the data to the offsite machine and copied the files manually. However, I had some trouble when turning the sync back on. I was getting errors that the files were out of sync, and they weren't showing up in the folder like they were supposed to, and Sync just started downloading the files again like they hadn't been pre-seeded. I played around with it and finally got it wo
  5. Hey all. It would be great if Resilio added an option that allowed me to send a link or key to someone that is not a Resilio user that allowed them to upload a file or folder to me one time. I realize this would require some sort of web portal interface that they would upload their file to, so it may not be what Resilio is interested in.
  6. Skip down to the bottom if you don't want this background information... What I am wanting to do is use resilio to act as my offsite backup storage. I have people who will store my backups on their machines, and I will store their backups on my machine. I have used Crashplan for years, which has this feature, but Crashplan is shutting down. Since my data will be on someone else's machine, I need to use the encrypted folder option. And, since I don't want my friends/family to accidentally delete the backup file and therefore delete all the files at the next sync, I need to give everyon