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  1. Hey Thanks for looking into it. Let me Clarify Modification timestamp Sync: Nexus 6P Internal : Was Working Mi Max 2 + Scandisk microsd Card (FAT32) : Was Working Mi Max 2 + Samsung EVO microsd card (Tried on fat32 + exfat) : Not working The Mi Max 2 device is the same. So yes, the screenshots are from the same device taken 30 seconds from each other this morning. Device was not formatted or resetted. Just the microsd SD card was changed. 29th May, 6:30 AM is the desired modification time (I had set this manually to prevent the pages order messing up) 1
  2. Hello everyone, I am having a strange issue. I have been using Sync successfully with my nexus 6p and xiomi mi max 2 for the last 2-3 years. Nexus 6p had 128 GB internal memory (no SD card) and mi max 3 had a 64 gb scandisk microsd card. I was having no issues with timestamps. I know for sure because I have a personal productivity system in which I use timestamps to create a first in first out list. In fact, I was using a tool called bulk file changer to manually edit modification timestamps so I could reorder the files as I want. All was working well. 6 month ago my nexus