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  1. I've seen various issues on Android that I stopped using it rather quickly 2 years back or maybe even 3 now. I did encrypted backups to Android and Resilio Sync locked me out of those on purpose when I needed a file only on that backup. It can't even do what its supposed to do, give you your backups, assuming I was not a legit entity. When that happens, I say forget it, not worth my time so I've been sweating here and there with desktop also because of that. I also just just jumped over to Syncthing. Doesn't do encrypted files but not like that went well with Resilio Sync lol. I'm 10x happi
  2. If its not actually syncing outside of the UI (as in not a UI update problem)... it could even be the device killing the app and the way RS handles it doesn't cope or maybe an internal app problem. Suppose, you or RS devs really need to look through Android debug log and really see why its not working. You might be able to do it without doing that but you might not after spending a lot of time trying. I don't really recommend relying on RS Android. I used it for backups to Android and RS was a total fail for that. Its disappointing to me as it would be a nice way to have encrypted backup
  3. It could be a bug in Resilio Sync. I know on Android they've had/have issues with things repeating incredibly often. Haven't really looked into the desktop though as I don't mind it finding things to sync right away and I use it on ssd drives.
  4. Desktop itself is being flaky and Android I can't even recommend. They definitely need to get something out 🙁
  5. Personally, I find ignoring files backwards and wish I could just select files or folders. Install a new application and the ignore list doesn't know to ignore it which is just crappy (yes, selection is the same in a way although you can still not have the application install folder included and just include any configs, etc should that be one you want to instead of having to ignore each and every and making a silly long ignore list), but limiting by file size can also be crappy too when that one file increases past your ignore limit and then you find someday later when you need it that it was
  6. Edit: Will be deleting encrypted backup as there's no way it will fully decrypt. Every way is a dead end that leads to failure. Will be leaving the following in tact as a reference. Their debugging logs are also too clogged (60MB+ is crazy) and finding anything in them of use is a slow painful process. In the end, I don't really recommend use of Resilio Sync for encrypted backups. I just so happen to not really need anything in this backup to care any more than this. No need to reply to this - I may never respond. So, is there any way to get at the decrypted files? This is the original d