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  1. Due to 0 replyes i disconected the folder and recreated it, thus solving the problem.
  2. Hi, Resilio Sync used on Smartphone with Android 8.0.0. Upgraded my SD Card. After removing SD Card from my phone, i transferred files/folders, then put the new SD Card in place. For the folder "Camera" from SD Card i have the message "Can't Open The Destination Folder". In the picture you will find 4 folders: Download - internal storage Camera (peers: 1) - internal storage Camera ( the issue) - SD Card Sync - SD Card (created after inserting new SD Card) I've read ""
  3. I removed SD Card and put it back in and the error message never appeared. All good. "synced after ~2 minutes." means files that appeared after 2 minutes on NAS. CONCLUSION Helen, you are right, "speed for reading from SD card is slow" and the issue is the time needed to index the files. The one thing that i missed was that during this time i changed the SD card on my phone with smth lower than Class 10 My appologies
  4. Hi Helen, I understand you need specific details. Error message unavailable, i disconnected the folder thus error message lost. I'll try to reproduce the situation by removing sd card again tomorrow (the pin that removes sd card holder is in original box at my workplace ) Curent status of the share: online, wi-fi connection (hope i answered your question) Are peers connected? 1 permanent peer: Synology NAS Screenshots: done Tested sync again: Download folder synced when i pressed "sync now" from status bar, and the Camera folder (at the bottom) synced after ~2 minutes.
  5. I removed SD Card and put it back in. Then the folder stopped syncing and an error message appeared only to that folder (1 out of 3, other 2 are on internal storage and were ok) . Then disconnected the folder and recreated it (+ and "Create folder" from android app). Where? : same location (SD Card), same settings (selective sync - off). "Sync now" - screen capture attached. It's a capture of notification bar. I restarted Sync before first posting this situation. Issue stayed only with the folder on sd card.
  6. Hi, Sync worked great when first installed, after i took a picture (stored on phone's internal storage or SD Card) pictures synced in a couple of seconds. --Full story-- Removed SD Card from my Android phone. After a while i noticed that Android Sync app shows a warning at "Camera" folder from SD Card: something about unable to sync Tried different things but the warning message would stay. Disconnected the folder and created a new one. Now, this folder has lag. It never syncs on spot, not even when i manually press "Sync now", it syncs.. seldom (unable to know when) I