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  1. I'm a long time ResilioSync User and love it, it's always had rock solid reliability and always done with ease what I wanted from it. I became aware of this forum after it stopped working for me on my home server recently due to the changes, although Resilio did give me a free server license for it. However I do agree with what the other posters have said before me about Resilio slowly being left behind. I've been mentioning ResilioSync to friends and colleagues recently since my issues to get their opinion and all of them said one thing.... why don't you just use SyncThing!
  2. Such a shame. I really like your product, I use it personally on every device I have (Paid for) and have recommended it to friends also but there is no way I could get our customers to pay those prices for server support. Thanks anyways
  3. Hi, I'm really confused over your business license model. I need a license that will cover 1 Server and 2 Workstations. The same user will be using all 3 devices. On the main page you talk about min/max number of Users and Devices but when you go to purchase the product you talk about Seats instead. Does 1 seat = 1 user and so covers 2 devices (As per main website page) Or does 1 seat = 1 device and I need 2? In Which case how do I buy the product that gives me 2 devices per user? Also I must be missing something, I've read the forums and it seems that the ResilioSync Busin