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  1. There's a confirmation for removing a file on the Android app but its not available on Windows. And I am not sure why. Whenever I want to remove something from my currently using PC, I always have to make sure I don't accidentally press the wrong button. I have lost some data already because this hasn't been implemented. Please implement this tiny 'feature' quickly as this should not be the case especially when one single button press could delete potentially everything from all devices.
  2. Hi there. I have been a resilio sync user for a while and I have synced a lot of data. I have 4 devices which I keep synced, my phone, work laptop, another laptop and a raspberry pi. The folder on raspberry pi is set to selective sync on each of the devices. Now for some reason, after syncing a 7 or 10 gb file to my pi, sync has stopped detecting my pi altogether. On my pcs, even if on the internet (not lan), it will not show up. But strangely enoiugh, on my phone the pi shows up (not on lan). So I am not sure what caused this. There was no update on either of my devices to cause this issue. It suddenly just stopped working. If you can help me it would be great, thanks.