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  1. Thank you for the reply. The software page were we see the folders and such doesn't appear. It says it can't connect to the page. I haven't done those steps, thats the issue. I will try and do them and give you feedback. Thank you once again. Kind regards.
  2. Hi, I use Resilio Sync in my QNAP NAS and been working fine for a while. Recently I installed a SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt and while everything else went smoothly I was never able to open the Sync Software. It continued running and doing it's job but when I tried to open it the web browser (safari) claims it can't open that page as it is not a secure connection. I since uninstalled and reinstalled the software on the NAS but no avail (and worse since now it simply doesn't work - probably is not configured..). I have read that SSL is not the baseline for resilio and tried to connect with http:/xpto:14860 but no luck. Can anyone give me a pointer for how can I solve this. I really like the software and been using it for a few years. If I can't solve it I will have to drop it. Thanks. Kind regards, Nico