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  1. I was able to at least for the time fix my issue by uninstalling Resilio Sync on the Windows 7 PC, then going to each shared folder and deleting the .sync hidden folder and reinstalling Resilio 2.5.12 since I don't trust going back to 2.6 yet. Hope that helps.
  2. Same issue but only on with a share on my Windows 7 Home Premium pc, none of my Windows 10 pc shares are having the same issue. I've tried disabling the firewall completely at Windows 7 Home PC and I have no additional security programs running on the machine at this time to test this. I'm still using 2.5.12 on all of pc's because of issues I had with 2.6 that were resolved with downgrading all machines. Any info would be appreciated.
  3. 2.6.1 seemed to make it better but didn't fix the issue which leaves me still not being able to trust the sync anymore. Has anyone tried SYNCTHING? I hate to downgrade Resilio Sync then have to put up with pop ups to update and never know what version is going to fix this problem. I would be nice if you could backup all of your sync folders before you downgrade but the process of resyncing all folders takes me forever. I wish they'd address this major issue.
  4. I've been using Resilio for years on different machines with little to no problems, this latest update seems to have added a lot of instability. I've tried re-establishing the SHARED FOLDERS from Scratch but I still get inconsistent behavior in some but now all shared folders. When new files are placed in some but not all shared folders won't add those files but the hosting computer with the added file shows STATUS of a green check mark. The client Resilio Sync computer gives me this error. Any ideas of fixes. This same host computer is able to sync other folders succes