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  1. Hello, I am trying to troubleshoot why I cannot search by kMDItemFinderTag in the iOS 11 Files app. The Finder tags appear in the lefthand sidebar under 'Tags' after I synced my Resilio Sync / macOS folder to my iPad and integrated Resilio Sync into the Files App. However, when I select a tag from the sidebar, no results appear. Also, searching by tag in the Search Bar brings up no results. It seems that Sync does support syncing Finder Tags, according to this page: I am syncing a large folder of ebooks and would like to be able to searching for them easily by tag, not just name. Oh, and I just remembered, the search bar in the Files app won't find files based on filename either; I can only browse earch folder to find the file I'm looking for. Is this a limitation of Resilio Sync's integration with the Files App, or is something else at play? Also, if someone has an easier method for uploading ebooks and searching by tag on iOS 11, please let me know! One thing I think important to note, my Resilio Sync app versions and iOS/macOS versions: (not sure if the difference between HFS and APFS would affect the tags syncing, but does not seem to be a problem according to this article: macOS: Sierra 10.12.6 Resilio Sync Mac app : 2.6.0 (1317) iOS: 11.3.1 Resilio Sync iOS: 2.6.1 Any help is much appreciated!