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  1. I managed to "isolate" the problem by running almost the same code on Raspi 3 B+ (but using the appropriate binary for that platform). Things work if I use the `ubuntu` base image, but I get the same error message when using `alpine`. How would I go about making Resilio work on Alpine?
  2. Hey, I'm trying to run the `linux-arm` library on a Raspberry Pi Zero W, in an Alpine container on Resin OS. Here is a repro of a couple of commands run on the container: bash-4.4# uname -a Linux 043744b40120 4.14.39 #1 Fri Aug 31 09:37:42 UTC 2018 armv6l Linux bash-4.4# wget https://download-cdn.resilio.com/stable/linux-arm/resilio-sync_arm.tar.gz Connecting to download-cdn.resilio.com ( resilio-sync_arm.tar 100% |*****************************************************************| 11275k 0:00:00 ETA bash-4.4# tar -xf resilio-sync_arm.tar.gz bash-4.4# mv rsl