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  1. The idea here would be to list directories for which file watching should be ignored and changes would only occur on a rescan interval (perhaps a separate rescan_interval setting). As an example, I have several node projects in my 'code' share. Out of 298,470 files, 76,943 of them (~25%) change infrequently, but Resilio Sync is using 1.7GB of memory (I imagine most of that overhead is all of the file watches). This above example is just one of many such paths that I would set to not watch, but to scan for changes periodically.
  2. Would it be possible to get an IgnoreArchiveList feature? I sync several folders that are code based and preference based. I don't need to archive things in node_modules or plugins folders. I like to have them synced, but they do not need to be backed up and it chews through a lot of disk space at times.
  3. I have a solution to this problem (part of it). You can move that file out of .sync and create a symbolic link to it. For Windows, assuming your folder is c:\foo: 1. Stop Resilio Sync 2. Open up cmd.exe as administrator 3. Type these commands: cd /D c:\foo\.sync move IgnoreList .. mklink IgnoreList ..\IgnoreList 4. Start Resilio Sync This will cause Resilio Sync to sync the Ignore List when changes happen to it, but it will be viewing a Symbolic Link to the IgnoreList when reading what to ignore.
  4. +1 for this feature. To summarize what I've read: Machine-level IgnoreList (not-synced) Per-Folder IgnoreList (synced) I'd also suggest a Per-Folder IgnoreList.Local (not-synced)