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  1. I have a solution to this problem (part of it). You can move that file out of .sync and create a symbolic link to it. For Windows, assuming your folder is c:\foo: 1. Stop Resilio Sync 2. Open up cmd.exe as administrator 3. Type these commands: cd /D c:\foo\.sync move IgnoreList .. mklink IgnoreList ..\IgnoreList 4. Start Resilio Sync This will cause Resilio Sync to sync the Ignore List when changes happen to it, but it will be viewing a Symbolic Link to the IgnoreList when reading what to ignore.
  2. +1 for this feature. To summarize what I've read: Machine-level IgnoreList (not-synced) Per-Folder IgnoreList (synced) I'd also suggest a Per-Folder IgnoreList.Local (not-synced)