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  1. Currently, I'm happy with sync as it is, but there are two thing ennoying me: - the RAM usage is crazy, 2gb+ are simply too much. Could it be possible to decrease it by not loading the whole db into memory - the iOS-support is not that good. I've used android before, it's miles ahead. I do know that background syncing is limited due to apples regulations, but maybe it can be implemented somehow. Maybe wrapping the bittorrent stream with http? I know that apple allows background syncing with centralised serves, can this be used to sync with predefined hosts? Many thanks, locutus
  2. Can anybody give me some pointers about "rslsync --decrypt". I know it's there, but it does not work for me, it just spawns another background process which exits. What exactly is the db-path? Thanks, locutus. btw: I'm a paying customer