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  1. What If Several People Make Changes To The Same File? Is there a way for me to detect conflicting updates? So according to the above its a feature that Resilio sync with silently delete/move-to-achive my conflicting changed files. By silent I mean no user notification even with no indication as to which updated files had conflicting changes and which did not. That seems pretty useless to me. That means I am going to lose changes because either I don't know that a conflicting update ocurred so I don't know to look. Or because 1000 files where updated, 5 where in conflict, and I don't have any way of knowing which is which, because all are moved to the same archive folder. Resilio cannot easily notify me, though on windows it probably could do a notification. One huge helpful thing would be if it simply moved all conflicting updates (ie the 'deleted' files) to a sequentially numbered folder .sync/archive-conflicts-1. And conflicts from the next syncing job where a conflict occurs move those to .sync/archive-conflicts-2. I'm not sure the numbering quite make sense if Resilio doesn't function in terms of sync-jobs but just continously syncs files, but it would be a simple thing to simple increment the counter each time Resilio determines that the local copy is up2date with other currently online users. Even if there might be a few ugly edge-cases, it would be incredibly helpful to know which files had a conflict, so just a .sync/archive-conflict would be helpful. I do a manually rename of .sync/Archive to .sync/Archive-{day} anyway, so I have some idea of when files where deleted/updated.