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  1. This seems similar to an issue I've been having on version 2.6.x -- I've downgraded all of my installations to 2.5.13 and that seems to solve the problem.
  2. Does anybody know if this issue has been resolved in the new version (2.6.2)?
  3. Huh... thanks. I must have been mis-remembering. I'll give it another shot.
  4. The reason I originally settled on Resilio Sync is because it let me sync existing windows directories (IIRC, Syncthing requires you to create new folder structures inside of the server application -- though I might be mis-remembering). I haven't really had success finding a good alternative that allows you to sync existing folder structures (i.e. those that need to be available to Windows users as well), unless you start looking into Dropbox/Google Drive/etc. (and then it's more of a cloud-based solution). Any recommendations?
  5. To answer my own question, I was successfully able to downgrade to 2.5.13 by uninstalling and not checking "remove settings". I then re-installed using the 2.5.13 executable, launched the program, and all of the shares were still intact. This appears to have solved the problem with certain files choosing not to sync (though I can't be certain, yet).
  6. I'm having the exact same problem. Downgrading one of my client machines back to 2.5.13 and re-adding the shares didn't cause the missing files to sync. Is there any way to downgrade the version on my "host" machine and preserve the existing shares? The only thing I've found so far that works is to manually open and re-save the files (or rename them), which causes Resilio sync to now "see" them and start syncing. Edit: This appears to be the specific error in the log file: