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  1. Anything? Any ideas? Can anyone check their folders as well?
  2. Hello, I'm having string inconsistencies for the size of share. In Resilio Sync; It advertises as 47Gb - 30.967 files. If I select all the files in the folder, right click and check properties it says 12.9Gb. If I right click the directory it says almost 200GB and 225.045 files. Why is this happening? Why all show different sizes? You can see screenshots attached. Note: All selected files have .sync folder selected as well.
  3. To the archieved files? Nothing. They stay there. You can put them back after you update. Manually copy the files in the archieve to their locations after you update.
  4. That's probably where the problem is. Type the following wget https://download-cdn.resilio.com/2.6.3/Debian/resilio-sync_2.6.3-1_armhf.deb sudo dpkg -i resilio-sync_2.6.3-1_armhf.deb This will override the previous installation. Then check from the web interface that Raspberry Pi is also running 2.6.3
  5. This is a very weird issue. Noone can help. I've lost files as well. I can't understand anything from the debug logs as well.
  6. Hello, I'm having sync issues. Files become zero byte file after successfully transferring them. I cannot figure out whats happening. You can find the log file attached. syncLogZeroByte.txt