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  1. I am still learning about syncing computers, but I can provide some assistance. If you have all 3 computers on the same Workgroup and can access them from each desktop using Explorer, then you can share the data using windows or a third party app such as FreeFileSync. Resilio Sync does work continuously in thebackground. When you set up the folder to sync, be sure to check Read and Write. I think you need to set up a sync link from computer 1 to computer 2, and a link from computer 1 to computer 3. As long as you only work on one computer at a time, a) a change to computer 1 will sync to
  2. Frank, your explanation is mostly what I needed to know. Just to be clear -- Both computers logged on to my home network. I alter file A on computer 1. It immediately updates file A on computer 2. I then change rooms and switch to computer 2 where I further alter file A. It will immediately update file A on computer 1. I will never be working on both computers at the same time. So this works. In the unlikely event that one computer is stolen, and the thief were to delete all the files in the synced folder, I would be safe(not risk losing all the files in the linked folder) as long a
  3. The link shows me how to share 1 folder with 2 computers, but I want to share 2 folders with 2 computers. If I link as shown and change the contents of the folder on computer 1, it will sync and update the contents of the folder on computer 2. This would cause the loss of all the changes that were made on computer 2 before syncing. I want information that was changed on each computer to be synced to the other computer so I wind up with 2 identical folders.
  4. I have 2 laptops and I would like to keep the "My Documents" folders synchronized. I figured out how to share from one laptop to the other, but how do I get both computers to update each other with the most recent changes?