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  1. Thanks a lot Resilio. Support just provided me with a new .exe file (version 2.6.10039), which fixes the problem So if someone else has the same issue, contact support - well, assuming the official download exe will include those fixes soon, too. Very impressed by your service, especially considering I'm using the free version only. Kudos! Will recommend Resilio where I can. Cheers!
  2. Hi Alex, thanks a lot for your message. Will do so.
  3. Hi there, I'm using the free version of resilio sync to sync two pcs at home, both Windows 10. It worked great for about a week. Now it crashes about 10-20 seconds after opening it on one of the computers. I've tried uninstall-windows restart-reinstall, which didn't work. Any other ideas? Does it help hitting "send bug report to developers" ten times before I give up or is this just annoying? Was going to attach a dmp file to this post but it's +3MB (only 0.5 allowed). Any ideas or recommended procedures? Thanks! Btw, posts from people having similar problems seem quite a while ago - reinstalling the program seemed to have worked for them. Cheers, Til