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  1. Thanks a lot Resilio. Support just provided me with a new .exe file (version 2.6.10039), which fixes the problem So if someone else has the same issue, contact support - well, assuming the official download exe will include those fixes soon, too. Very impressed by your service, especially considering I'm using the free version only. Kudos! Will recommend Resilio where I can. Cheers!
  2. Hi there, I'm using the free version of resilio sync to sync two pcs at home, both Windows 10. It worked great for about a week. Now it crashes about 10-20 seconds after opening it on one of the computers. I've tried uninstall-windows restart-reinstall, which didn't work. Any other ideas? Does it help hitting "send bug report to developers" ten times before I give up or is this just annoying? Was going to attach a dmp file to this post but it's +3MB (only 0.5 allowed). Any ideas or recommended procedures? Thanks! Btw, posts from people having similar problems seem quite a while ago - reinstalling the program seemed to have worked for them. Cheers, Til