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  1. For the FreeBSD version I never get notified of the latest release even though I have "[x] Always check for updates for this version". Is there a bug or something ? How can I get notified when there's a new release? Given that I've paid for it, it would be cool if I got an email or something. Update: I just saw this But I've never been notified. And out of curiosity, how am I supposed to find out about these updates that aren't pushed to check now, and why are some not pushed ?
  2. Is there a way to see what files have been synced already? Or are queued to sync ? This makes even more of a difference when using selective sync in a bigger folder with lots of files that I want to access and remove access to on my phone or somewhere I have limited disk space. For instance, I may watch a video on my phone, remove it from the phone, and sync the next one to watch. When I have a lot of sub folders, it's not easy to see what files are on the phone and I have to hunt around.
  3. No one knows ? I'm traveling tomorrow so it would be nice to find out now
  4. Hi, I'm using IPFW. Has anyone had to open the ports etc for this in any firewall? If so, do you have what you did, to share? I think is difficult to understand and I'm traveling in just a couple of days and don't have time to experiment.
  5. Duplicate of please delete
  6. I wish that I could specify read/write permissions for single files inside folders. My use-case is as follows: My audiobook folder has books I need to have read-only access to on my phone with the exception of one db file that tracks my reading position, bookmarks etc. That's the only file I actually need to write to.
  7. on my phone, I have the option to create a backup, but only from my phone. It would be nice if I could toggle the option for a standard folder to be a backup. IOW, I want to be able to delete files from the source, and not have them be deleted at the destination
  8. use-case: I have a folder on my server called: "books/audio". I would like it to display as Audiobooks on my other linked devices. I would like to be able to rename the share on the source device as well as receiving device.