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  1. im using version 2.6.2, it was only just installed on my pc. customer support got back to me, apparently its because i sent the link through facebook, and they added the ?fbclid=xxxxx bit to the link which cause the error, i don't remember this being an issues before. sent the link through email and it worked fine
  2. just formatted my pc, after reinstalling resilio sync i can't send or receive anything, all i get is the website saying "something is missing from the link", i can't figure this out, its fresh install of win 10 and resilio sync, worked fine before i formatted, tried to send something to my brother on a different network and got the something is missing message, then got on my wifes pc, which is on my network, and got the same message, then tried to send something to myself from my wifes pc and got the message.