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  1. Doubt it under normal conditions but I suggested they look at the forum in my "support request". No feedback from them though. Edit - yay I arrived home to find all is back to normal with Sync. No explanation or reply to my support request but working OK now.
  2. Interesting, I'm away at the moment so don't know if mine has started syncing again but there has been no further comments of not working since I opened a "support request" back on the 3rd of Jan, with Resilio who replied - We’ve received your support request (#93483) and will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible. - Have yet to be got back to. Maybe they found the problem.
  3. I have all of the above including total loss of anything on PC's synch folder. Was working fine for years between PC & lap top. Seems to have occurred since Dec 6th as that's where history ends on the lap top. No history shown on the PC. Lap top shows "no peers on line" but PC is working fine except for synch.