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  1. Ok, don't know why.. but it seems to be if I try and sync a users home directory (like c:\users\kevin) this happens. Syncing of a few individual folders seems to be fine... For now I've created a folder call Resilio and made a bunch of Windows junctions to Desktop, Documents, and Downloads and it's working... must be something with that directory or in the other folders of the home drive I guess.
  2. Hi All, I'm trying to get a couple of Windows 10 desktops at home to sync as backups for each other and have run into an issue with the sync aborting/skipping all files due to an assert failure in syncfileentrytree.cpp. Initially, I was syncing one of these desktops to my Netgear ReadyNAS and it was failing so I thought I'd try to sync to another desktop to see if the ReadyNAS is the problem... that doesn't seem to be the case. Logs from the NAS and desktops both point to this syncfileentrytree.cpp for some reason. Trying to narrow the cause, I tried to sync one of these Windows 10 desktops to another of my Windows 10 desktops and ran into the same issue... so not sure what's going on. HOWEVER, I was able to sync my Mac to both the NAS and a Windows 10 desktop without any such issue. The error I'm seeing when focusing on the sync Windows 10 to Windows 10 scenario (let's leave the NAS out for now) is: assert failed c:\users\jenkins\workspace\build-sync-windows\sync\fs\tree\syncfileentrytree.cpp:167 and it occurs on every file. Googling and searching this forum for assert failures and syncfileentrytree.cpp doesn't seem to have found anything useful. Any ideas what could be the culprit? EDIT: Both Windows versions are 2.6.2 (1330).