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  1. The most common files are documents, videos and photos. I sync accross android and windows peers. I didnt buy the 1621+ yet, the 1512+ works really well since almost 9 years, but became a little bit slow now. But when final time for change comes, i will write down all permission keys to be sure. Alternative solution is Synology Drive, works well on windows and syncing to another nas, but the android version isnt that good and does not sync at all.
  2. Thx for reply. Yes i mean migration by switching the current hdds into the new nas. I have the free version and about 20 peers (for all folders) Ok then i will have to wait until there is an package for 1621+ out
  3. Hello! I am planning to migrate from 1512+ to 1621+ (HDD switching) Has anyone experience with this? Are the settings and sync folders save when i reinstall the Resilio package which is designet for the 1621+ CPU?
  4. Hello! I am syncing my photos across my notebook, my synology nas and my pc. Today i unplugged accidentally the external hdd from my pc where the synced photos are stored. In the log files, i saw several entries that some of my photo folder and files are removed. (File xxx.jpg removed in the pc log) So Resilio thinks that the files have been deteled because i unplugged my external hdd. Is this a normal behavior? I am just worried, because what will happen if this drive will fail someday? Will all this photo files be deleted on the other peers if the external