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  1. I am facing a similar issue. There is a folder named Services which when shared with new users, immediately shows a "Disconnected by Owner" message. All the other folders sync fine. Also it shows 0 of 0 peers online message while for other folders the peers show online. I have tried almost everything in vain, choosing a new identity, restarting CNG service, etc. but still not able to figure out what to do ? Have even mailed support but the response comes after 3-4 days and even sending the logs to the support have not helped at all. Please help me out.
  2. Anyone who could help please ? Still trying to fix this issue.
  3. I have a folder named Services for which I am the owner. When I am sharing the folder with my users, as soon as the folder is added, an error is displayed: An owner removed your permission to access 'Services' The folder status then shows "Disconnected by owner" I am the sole owner of the folder so I am not sure why this error is displayed. I have already tried reinstalling the client on the user's system and also restarted CNG service but so far nothing has helped. The other folders are syncing fine. Please help. Thanks!